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Your Daughter's a Princess...

at least one day a year she should be treated like one.

Luxurious  satin, tulle and taffeta organza gowns decorated with lace, pearls, ribbons and silk flowers. Elegant jeweled tiaras. Exquisite china tea service. Cinderella hostess. A princess birthday she'll remember forever.

We bring the glamour to you and take care of all the details so you are free to share in your princess' special day.  Dressin-Up is the premier Austin Princess Party company.

Unique Austin Princess Party

Dressin' Up is the only children's princess party company in Austin, Texas that uses fine china and flower girl dresses to make your daughter feel truly like a princess.

Before Krissy founded the company in 2006 she attended events put on by several of the princess party companies in the area. She was surprised to find they used inexpensive costume outfits and plasticware for the table setting. The reason, she was told, was that it would cost too much to dry clean dresses and replace broken china.

This made sense as the children acted like you would expect at a typical children's birthday party. Not that they weren't well behaved, but they definitely weren't acting like little ladies. Krissy believed the girls knew the difference between play dressing up and real dressing up, and when they were really dressed up they would behave like little ladies. This simple idea led to her developing a children's birthday tea party with authentic tableware and dresses.

Although she was told by many that elegant dresses and fine china wouldn't affect how the girls behaved, she has since proven them wrong. The parents are always amazed at how lady like all the children behave. They sit calmly at the table, sip their tea and make small conversation. It's an event that truly must be experienced by both child and parent. ( learn more here )


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